Volume 1 - Issue 1 - March - 2013

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   Web Service Discovery Using Semantically Annotated Belief Network
         Authors : Rajesh G, A Gnanasekar & Dr. R. M. Suresh
  Chemical Fertilizers Excess Usage Effects at Right Bank Bhadra Canal Command Area (Karnataka) -A Case Study
         Authors : Dr.K.Krishne Gowda, Dr.K.Manjunatha & K.K.Kiran
   MEMS Gyroscope Based Motion Sickness Estimation System using Car Travelling in 3D Space
         Authors : Aarthi K.J Veronica, Dr.T.Suresh
   Design, Analysis of Flow characteristics of Catalytic Converter and effects of Back Pressure on Engine Performance
         Authors : P.Karuppusamy, Dr. R.Senthil PhD
   Minimizing the Traffic Congestion Using GIS
         Authors : Anitha Selva Sofia S.D, Nithyaa.R & Prince Arulraj.G
   Cloud Model - With TPA (Third Party Auditor)
         Authors : Patel Himani Atulkumar , Patel Srushti Hasmukhbhai
   Image Based Detection and Recognition of Road Signs
         Authors : Mrs.S.Sathiya, Dr.M.Balasubramanian & R.Sivaranjini
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