Volume 3, Issue 2, April - May,2015

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   A Review Paper On Fatigue Life Analysis And Its Improvement Of 4-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Used In Hot Rolling Mill
         Authors : Pratik Patadia, Dr. Pranav Darji- India
   Sixth Sense Technology
         Authors : Mr. Ashish Parmeshwar Tiwari, Miss. Tanvi Praful Khandhedia, Prof. Umesh W. Kaware- India
   Multi Host Data Collection In Wireless Sensor Network Using Gang Scheduling Algorithm
         Authors : Monisha V, Mogana priya N, Saranya P- India
   The War of Information Age: Cyber War
         Authors : Harsh Wadhwani- India
   Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System Using Robot via Smart Phone
         Authors : Anwar Hassan Ibrahim, Leo Udeji, Hon Kah Wye- Saudi Arabia & Malaysia
   Sign language to voice conversion using Image Processing in MATLAB
         Authors : Gaurav Sharma, Shubhi Tondon, Gauri Dave, Mr. Pankaj Agrawal- India
   Safety Helmets For Coal Miners Using Zigbee Technology
         Authors : Monika Prasad, Deovrat Singh, Rishabh Sachdeva, Priyanka Singh, Mr. Manoj Vishnoi- India
   Placement of distributed Generation In A Radial Distribution System Using Loss Sensitivity Factor And Cuckoo Search algorithm
         Authors : Priyanka Das- India
   Various Image Noises and Its Reduction Techniques
         Authors : Buddhabhushan Naik, Nitesh Borkar, Ravindra Peddiwar, Dinesh Rojatkar- India
   Bluetooth Operated Robot Vehicle Using Mobile Android App
         Authors : Devesha Parmar, Devashish Tripathi, Agam Sahni, Pankaj Singh- India
   Dual Tone Multi Frequency Based Control Robot- A Review Paper
         Authors : Richa Dey, Pooja D. Mehta, Shivali Singh, Rohit Sharma- India
   Seismic Response Mitigation Of Structure Using Base Isolation System Along With Tuned Mass Damper
         Authors : Avishek Sahabhaumik, Rama Debbarma- India
   Strength Evaluation Of Bone Implant By Different Mechanical Tests And Analysis
         Authors : Prof. N. T. Manjare, M.A.Godse, V. R. Ingle, D. S. Koyale- India
   Bug Tracking System
         Authors : Kunal Sale, Kailashchand Khorwal, Shravan Ghosalkar, Kalyani Dabade, Atul Shintre- India
   Library Performance Evaluation Research—The Library Of Guangzhou University 2006-2007 Annual Performance
         Authors : Xiao San-xia- China
   Implementation of Solar Energy on Street Light Which Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement
         Authors : Surya Narayan Sahoo, Pritam Behera, Swaroop Kumar Sahoo- India
   An Interleaved Buck-Boost Converter For High Efficient Power Conversion
         Authors : Jithin. K. Jose, Laly James, Prabin James, Edstan Fernandez- India & OMAN
   An Analysis Based Survey on Slow Flooding Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
         Authors : Ms.Suvarna T.Sonone, Ms.A.V.Sakhare- India
   Performance Evaluation Of A Direct Evaporative Cooler For Pune Region Summer Conditions
         Authors : M.M.Kulkarni, Dr.K.N.VijayKumar, M.T.Kusalkar, R.D.Raut, N.R.Tiwari- India
   A Study Of Various Constraints On Labour Productivity
         Authors : Linjesh Sebastian, Prof. V Srinivasa Raghavan- India
   Optimization and Simulation of Facility Layout Using Merger Coefficient Formulae-A Case Study
         Authors : B.T.Shanti Sagar, L.Siva RamaKrishna- India
   Electrical And Mechanical Runot As A Problem In Manufacturing Industry
         Authors : Darshan Jayaram, Dr. B.R. Narendra Babu, Dr. K. Chandrashekara- India
   Analysing The Power Overhead Of Decimal Matrix Code With Different Adder Architecture
         Authors : Gayathree.K, David.S- India
   Data Protection: Need of Contemporary Age
         Authors : Atul Kumar Pandey, Astitwa Bhargava, Sadhna- India
   Advanced Four Wheel Steering System
         Authors : Bhupendra Pratap Singh,Brijesh Kumar Yadav, Lal Bahadur Singh, Badri Vishal, Raj Kumar Yadav,Mr.Ram Pratap Yadav,Mr.Rahul Srivastav- India
   Requirements Engineering Process Models
         Authors : Pin Ng- Hong Kong
   Research And Improvement Of Sleep Mode Scheduling Of Routing Protocol LEACH Using TEEN, APTEEN in WSNs
         Authors : Parmar Jigisha, Ashishgoud Purushotham, G.Usha Rani- India
   A Genetic Algorithm Based Approach To Analyze The Risk Factor Of Heart Disease
         Authors : Ashish vashist, Ms. Kirti Bhatia, Mrs. Asha Vashist- India
   Co-Operative Opportunistic Data Broadcasting For Railways Using Rtsu’s, Wi-Fi And VANET’s
         Authors : T. Kantharaju, B.L. Mamatha- India
   A Review Paper On Current Research And Future Anticipation For Improvement of FDM Process Parameters- (Full paper is removed)
         Authors : Imtiyaz Khan, Dr. A. A. Shaikh- India
   Design of Push Pull Quasi Resonant Boost Converter for Power Factor Correction
         Authors : Anamika Parthiban, Umabharathi Marimuthu, Janani Baskaran- India
   Control system and Automation of Smart Grid Network
         Authors : Punam A. Deotare, Prof. Lalit Dole- India
   Study And Analysis Of Fixed Speed Induction Generator Based Wind Farm Grid Fault Control Using Static Compensator
         Authors : Nazia Zameer, Mohd Shahid- India
   Distributed Generation Allocation For Power Loss Minimization And Voltage Improvement Of Radial Distribution Systems Using Different Techniques
         Authors : Chiranjit Mondal - India
   Extreme Programming
         Authors : Rimple Agrawal - India
   Lean Management An Effective Tool For Sustainable Development
         Authors : Binod Kumar Singh, Chandan Bhar, Bhim Singh - India
   Impact Of Different Types of Governors/Exciters On Transient Stability
         Authors : Virdeep Kaur, Chintu Rza, Shivani Sehgal Mehta- India
   An Unstructured Peer To Peer Networks With Its Trust Management and Its Optimizing Overlay
         Authors : R.Padmapriya, Shanthi.E- India
   Study On Partial Replacement Of Sand With Iron Ore Tailing On Compressive Strength Of Concrete
         Authors : Sahil Goyal, Keshav Singh,Ahmad Hussain ,Priyanka Ramkripal Singh- India
   Comparative Study Of Precast I-Girder Bridge By Using The IRC And AASHTO Codes
         Authors : Epuri Pavan Kumar, Arepally Naresh, Sri Ramoju Praveen Kumar, Amgoth Ashok- India
   Impact Of DG Installation On Voltage Profile And Reliability Improvement With Cost Consideration
         Authors : Chiranjit Mondal- India
   A Study On Brain Tumour Detection From Magnetic Resonance Images
         Authors : Asha Soms, Padmapriya R, Sumithra M.G- India
   5G Wireless Technologies: Challenges And Requirements
         Authors : Devendra S Kushwaha, Dr. Vikash K Singh, Shaibya Singh, Sonal Sharma- India
   Overview and Comparative Analysis of Human Face Detection
         Authors : K. Suresh, C. Chellappan- India
   Study On The Effect Of FSW Process Parameters On Joint Quality Of Dissimilar Materials
         Authors : Mr. Satyaveer Singh, Dr.Zahid A. Khan, Dr.Arshad Noor Siddiquee- India
   Blade Analysis of HAWT Using BEM Approach
         Authors : Vijaykumar Kumbharkar, Dr. Dinesh Kamble- India
   Characteristic Analysis of Mechanical Properties on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
         Authors : Jeevan.N.C , Dr.B.R. Narendra Babu, Dr.K.Chandrashekara- India
   Enhancement In Real Time Network Traffic Classifier Using Packet Capture Library
         Authors : R. Parimalam, Prof. P. Krishna Kumar- India
   Time History Analysis Of Steel And Composite Frame Structure
         Authors : R.Prasad Kolhe, Prof. Rakesh Shinde- India
   Collision Avoidance And Data Broadcasting For Railways Using RFID And RTSU’s (CADBRRR)
         Authors : T. Kantharaju, B.L. Mamatha- India
   Effect Of Varying Step Sizes On The Performance Of LMS Based Adaptive Filter Algorithms
         Authors : Debasmita Basu, Writi Mitra, Subhojit Malik- India
   Enabling Public Auditability, Data Dynamics For Storage Security In Cloud Computing And Integrity Proofs In Cloud Storage(Full paper is removed)
         Authors : Pranita bakka, Dr.Jayashree Agarkhed, Ashalatha.R(Full paper is removed)- India
   Contingency based Voltage Stability Improvement
         Authors : Dr.Venu Yarlagadda, Spandana Bitla- India
   Time History Analysis of High Rise Structure Using Different Accelerogram
         Authors : Shashank Bedekar, R. R. Shinde- India

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