Volume 1, Issue 5, December-January,2014

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   Composite material analysis of axial flow fans
         Authors : G.Chandra shekar, Baswaraj S Hasu- India
   Design of shape memory alloy damper for reduction of vibration
         Authors : Santhosh.V, D.Dev Singh- India
   A Cascade Hybrid Model of Series Compensation Scheme for Mitigation Fluctuation in Grid and Mitigate SSR
         Authors :K.Thanigaivel, P.Cornelius Gunaraj - India
   Criminal Geographical Profiling: Using FCA for Visualization and Analysis of Crime Data
         Authors :Quist-Aphetsi Kester - Ghana
   A High Capacity and Novel Steganography Technique for Hiding Data in an Audio Signal
         Authors :Jyohtipriya Kothimira, D. Malleswari, DR.K. Veeraswamy - India
   An ABC-Analysis for the Multiple- Products Inventory Management - Case Study of Scooters India Limited
         Authors :Pramod Kumar, Mohd. Anas - India
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