Volume 1, Issue 4, August - September, 2013

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   Impact of marketing mix among customers with reference to khadi products
         Authors : Subramani K, Dr Ashok J, Anish V          - India
   An Image Fusion using DWT and Fast Discrete Curve let Transform
         Authors :P.Kartheek, K.Ramanjaneyulu, Dr.K.Veeraswamy, Dr.CH.Srinivasa Rao         - India
   A Survey of Energy Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for Real-time Systems over Parallel Machines
         Authors :Muhammad Zakarya, Nazar Abbas, Ayaz Ali Khan- Pakistan
   A Survey Paper On User Authentication
         Authors :ArunKumar.Kasa, Sai Ashritha.K         -India
   Sentiment Analysis: An Overview
         Authors :Dr. Sachin A. Kadam, Mrs. Shweta T. Joglekar         - India
   Power Allocation Analysis Of Mimo-Ofdm System Using Svd And Water Filling Algorithm
         Authors :K.Sravan Kumar Reddy, K.Ramanjaneyulu, Dr.K.Veeraswamy, Dr.Ch.Srinivasa Rao         - India
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