Volume 1, Issue 4, August - September, 2013

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   Design and analysis of CNC rotary table for horizontal machining centrer
         Authors : B.Kapil, G.VenkataRamana          - India
  Design and analysis of a high pressure die casting die for "Lower Steering Helm"
         Authors : B. Santhosh Kumar, N.Chandrasekar Reddy         - India
  Modification of Eutectic Silicon Under The Influence Of Mold Vibration During Solidification Of LM6 Alloy Castings
         Authors :Vardhaman S Mudakappanavar, H M Nanjundaswamy          - India
  Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for a Grid Connected Hybrid System
         Authors : N. Sivaiah, N. Ravi Kiran          - India
  Die design and analysis of progressive tool for can lid lever
         Authors : Jyothi Bhaskar, G Sathya Prakash          - India
  FE Study on Effect of Target Span and Configuration on the Ballistic Limit
         Authors : Girish Kumar, G.Venkata Ramana          - India
  Dynamic analysis of cracks in composite material
         Authors : K.Praveen, Rakesh Jalla          - India
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